Following the  1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP) was devised to focus action on the conservation of "priority" species and habitats, with the list of species being amended after a review in 2006/2007

The UK BAP list for moths is divided into two sections: a priority list of  scarce/threatened species and and a subsidiary list, designated "Research only", of species that are wide spread but which declined rapidly over the period 1968 to 2007.

The following species occurring in Caithness feature in the UK BAP (in alphabetical order)
The quoted percentage declines are taken from:
 Fox R, Parsons M S, Chapman J W, Woiwod I P, Warren M S, & Brooks D R (2013) The State of Britain's Larger Moths 2013
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 SWORD-GRASS   Xylena exsoleta


73.061  ANOMALOUS  Stilbia anomala   (-94% change)
73.365  AUTUMNAL RUSTIC  Eugnorisma glareeosa   (-94% change)
70.248  BRINDLED BEAUTY  Lycia hirtaria  (-87% change)
73.234  BRINDLED OCHRE  Dasypolia templi  (-94% change)
73.271  BROOM MOTH  Ceramica (Melanchra) pisi  (-84% change)
72.019  BUFF ERMINE  Spilosoma luteum
73.219  CENTRE-BARRED SALLOW  Atethmia centrago
73.119  CRESCENT  Helotropha (Celaena) leucostigma
73.238  DARK BROCADE  Mniotype (Blepharita) adusta  
70.069  DARK SPINACH  Pelurga comitata  (-96% change)
70.052  DARK-BARRED TWIN-SPOT CARPET  Xanthorhoe ferrugata  (-91% change)
73.351  DOUBLE DART  Graphiphora augur  (-98% change)
73.154  DUSKY BROCADE  Apamea remissa  
73.128  EAR MOTH  Amphipoea oculea
73.188  FLOUNCED CHESTNUT  Agrochola helvola  (-94% change)
73.314  GARDEN DART  Euxoa nigicans  (-98% change)  
72.026  GARDEN TIGER  Arctia caja  (-93% change)  
3.005    GHOST MOTH  Hepialus humuli  
70.137  GRASS RIVULET  Perizoma albulata  (-93% change)
73.038  GREY DAGGER  Acronicta psi  
70.072  GREY MOUNTAIN CARPET  Entephria caesiata  (-91% change)
73.118  HAWORTH'S MINOR   Celaena haworthii   (-92% change)
73.356  HEATH RUSTIC  Xestia agathina  (-95% change)
73.045  KNOT GRASS  Acronicta rumicis  (-75% change)
73.134  LARGE WAINSCOT  Rhizedra lutosa  (-83% change)
70.218  LATTICED HEATH  Chiasmia clathrata  (-85% change)
73.092  MOTTLED RUSTIC  Caradrina morpheus  (-84% change)
73.064  MOUSE MOTH  Amphipyra tragopogonis  (-85% change)
73.355  NEGLECTED RUSTIC  Xestia castanea  (-76% change)
70.046  OBLIQUE CARPET  Orthonama vittata   (-85% change )
66.002  PALE EGGAR  Trichiura crataegi   (-90% change)
73.247  POWDERED QUAKER  Orthosia gracilis
70.048  RED CARPET  Xanthorhoe decoloraria  (-88% change)
73.171  ROSY MINOR  Litoligia (Mesoligia) literosa (-93% change)
73.123  ROSY  RUSTIC  Hydraecia micacea   (-86% change)
73.097  RUSTIC  Hoplodrina blanda  (-78% change)
73.182  SALLOW  Cirrhea (Xanthia) icteritia  (-85% change)
70.045  SHADED BROAD-BAR  Scotopteryx chenopodiata  
73.301  SHOULDER-STRIPED WAINSCOT  Leucania (Mythimna) comma
70.094  SMALL PHOENIX  Ecliptopera silaceata
73.334  SMALL SQUARE-SPOT  Diarsia rubi  (-87% change)
70.092  SPINACH  Eulithis melinata  (-96% change)
70.195  STREAK  Chesias legatella
72.020  WHITE ERMINE  Spilosoma lubricipeda  
73.313  WHITE-LINE DART  Euxoa tritici  (-94% change)