The micro moths of Caithness have been very little studied and for many species there are only single records and for many others very few records.  It is, therefore, impossible to make any meaningful assessment of the status of micro species in the County. Identification can also be a problem with some groups only being determined satisfactorily at species level by dissection, with the problems confounded by the paucity of readily available resources at affordable prices. Against this, the development of digital photography has made it possible to create images of many species which may then be identified by experienced observers.

While acknowledging the problems, we can not simply ignore this important group of moths and we need to become better educated in the identification skills of micro moths. This section of The Moths of Caithness seeks to encourage observers to take a greater interest in micro moths by making available the information that we do have about these species in Caithness.

Each species has a dedicated page which gives the scientific name, the English name if the species has one, the months recorded in Caithness (either larvae or adults) and a map showing the recorded distribution. No attempt is made to assess the status.
Some species probably occur in Caithness but have not been accepted on the County list. These species have a dedicated page but the species name is enclosed in square brackets [ ] and the page background is pink. The reason why they have not been formally accepted is given.

Some historical records have been accepted to the Caithness list although no specific data is held to support the records. These records have been accepted on the basis of the credibility of the source. These species do not have a dedicated species page and a list of the species concerned can be found by clicking HERE

As the majority of species do not have an English name all species pages, even for those species which do have an English name, are indexed on the first letter of the scientific name. For example: to find the species page for Acleris variegana Garden Rose Tortrix  click on the letter "A" in the alphabetical list below. Links on the species page will take you back to this page or to the main Home page; If you wish to continue to browse species under the same letter use your computer's "back" button.

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